Saturday, 15 October 2011

Looking for a tropical holiday but worried about the cost? Why more and more people are choosing The Gambia

In today's financial climate, we're all tightening our belts. With the cost of living rising, affordable holidays to a tropical paradise have become a thing of the past. Or have they? Over the past few months The Gambia has emerged as the perfect choice for those looking for an affordable holiday to a tropical paradise.

Mustapha Njie, CEO of Taf Gambian Property (, is delighted about Gambia's thriving tourism industry: "We've seen a big increase in holidaymakers from the UK and Europe, looking for some of our famous sunshine.Visitors can rent properties in Gambia or choose from a wide variety of hotels, apartments and Gambia holiday packages. Many of them love our country so much that they decide to buy a holiday home! I expect the number of tourists visiting Gambia to increase dramatically over the next few years."

But what is it about The Gambia that is so attractive for tourists? Well, where do you start? The Gambia, situated on the West coast of Africa, is known as 'The Smiling Coast'. The Gambia is situated on approximately the same latitude as Barbados and has all the attractions of a tropical paradise - year-round sunshine, beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and a rich culture. Yet it's surprisingly affordable and only a five hour flight from the UK. You'll certainly receive a warm welcome in The Gambia, as the people here are considered some of the friendliest on earth.

The Gambia offers a truly rich experience. Yes, you can relax, unwind and spend all day drinking cocktails on the beach, but here you can also enjoy the real Africa. You can visit traditional Gambian villages, explore the African bush and experience the local wildlife - from tropical birds to monkeys and even crocodiles.

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If you'd like to visit The Gambia, you can choose from all-inclusive Gambian holiday packages, or, if you prefer, there is lots of Gambia property to rent, from affordable apartments to luxurious holiday homes. A quick search online will help you find Gambian estate agents and travel companies.

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