Friday, 30 March 2012

Property prices at Brufut Gardens set to rise with opening of brand new shopping mall

Brufut Gardens, an exclusive private estate in The Gambia, is a magnet for investors looking to take advantage of the country's thriving property market. Now, the development is set to generate even greater returns for its investors, due to the opening of a brand new shopping mall. The developers, Taf Gambian Property, part of Taf Holding Company Ltd, have reported that the response to the shopping mall has been overwhelmingly positive.

CEO Mr Mustapha Njie is extremely proud of the project: "We've taken great care to ensure that the new shopping mall gives residents and visitors everything they could want. It has been tastefully designed so that it fits in with the exclusive surroundings of Brufut Gardens, and we're positive that it will help property prices to rise even further."

Local residents are excited about the opening. Mr Njie explains: "The Brufut Gardens shopping mall means that residents have everything they could need nearby, whether they live here all year round or are visiting on holiday. The shopping mall contains a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as a bank, hairdressers, and even an art gallery. Retailers have been keen to get a spot in the shopping mall, and we've received excellent feedback from residents who have been waiting eagerly for it to open its doors."

Mr Mustapha Njie, one of The Gambia's leading entrepreneurs, has been the driving force behind Brufut Gardens and several other successful property developments throughout the country. His business was formed in 1990 and was initially involved only in construction, but soon diversified to include property development and tourism.

TafHolding Company Ltd now employs over five hundred Gambians, and has been involved in a variety of philanthropic projects. The company is dedicated to providing affordable homes for all Gambians, as well as encouraging investment from overseas. Mr Njie has received several awards and commendations, including the European Commission Global Business Award for Excellence and Quality. Mr Njie has also been named, three times, as The Gambia Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year.

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Investors turn to overseas property markets as UK house prices continue to fall

This March, house prices in the UK fell for the 21st month in a row, according to a report published by Knight Frank (source:

Over the past few years, many property investors have turned to overseas markets, such as The Gambia. But what does this small country on the west coast of Africa offer property investors? Let's find out...

The Gambia: key facts
Known as 'the smiling coast of Africa', The Gambia is just six hours flight from the UK and has a thriving tourist trade. Visitors enjoy at least nine hours of sunshine a day, and warm weather all year round. This English-speaking country has a lively ex-pat community and has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, offering affordable tropical getaways.

Property laws in The Gambia
Unlike many other countries, such as Spain and France, Gambian property laws and the conveyancing process are very similar to the British system. This is great news both for those buying and selling Gambian property. Land is registered at the Property Registry, a contract is drawn up by respective lawyers and the completion period is usually just 30 days.

Associated costs of property investment
Once again, these are quite similar to the British system. Costs can include stamp duty, lawyers' fees and land rent. However, a good lawyer will be able to explain everything to you clearly and accurately.

Economy and infrastructure
TheGambia has a growing economy and has received significant investment in its education, industry and infrastructure over the past few years. The electricity and water supply is generally good, although it can vary depending upon the area.

Where to invest in The Gambia?
If you're looking for consistent and stable returns from buying property in The Gambia, make sure you invest in modern, well-built property developments. One such example is Brufut Gardens, a private sea-view estate situated just minutes away from The Gambia's most popular tourist resort. The estate was founded in 2003 and has seen an average capital appreciation of over 40%. Returns on rentals at Brufut Gardens have averaged between 7 and 12%.

Brufut Gardens is widely considered to be the country's premier property development, with a 24-hour water and electricity supply, landscaped terraces and sidewalks, street lighting and security. Investors can choose from a range of apartments, houses and large villas with beautiful gardens and swimming pools. Most recently, a newly developed shopping mall has been opened, offering residents a variety of up-market shops and restaurants.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What to do in The Gambia: your guide to Africa's 'smiling coast'

The Gambia is an English-speaking country on the west coast of Africa, just six hours flight from the UK. This tropical paradise is known for its year round sunshine, sandy beaches and the warm welcome given to all its visitors.

Holidaymakers in The Gambia can choose from a huge array of attractions, including...

The Gambia's stunning beaches are just one of the reasons this country is known as 'the new Caribbean'. One of the most popular is Brufut beach, a golden stretch of coastline overlooked by the five star Sheraton Hotel and the luxury holiday homes at Brufut Gardens - The Gambia's most prestigious property development. Other popular beaches include Kotu beach and Cape Point.

National parks and nature reserves
The Gambia has many protected parks and nature reserves, dedicated to preserving areas of natural beauty together with its precious wildlife. They include The River Gambia National Park, a magical location made up of five forested islands, where you can see chimpanzees, baboons and crocodiles. Abuko Nature Reserve is a peaceful destination just 16 miles from Banjul and is particularly popular with birdwatchers. Kiang West National Park is one of Gambia's largest protected nature reserves, with a diverse array of wildlife. Others include the Tanji River Bird Reserve and Niumi National Park.

Markets and shopping destinations
There are plenty of places to indulge your love of shopping in The Gambia. Popular markets include Albert Market in Banjul, and Serrekunda Market, both of them lively and traditional African markets where you can pick up a bargain. You can also visit the newly opened Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall. Here you'll find an array of clothing, jeweler and gift shops, and a tempting choice of restaurants.

Culture and heritage
The Gambia has a rich and fascinating culture. One of the most popular places to visit in Gambia is Juffure Village, where you can follow a 'Roots Heritage Tour' and visit the nearby Slavery Museum. You can also visit historical attractions such as the Wassu Stone Circles, an ancient burial site dating from 1,200 years ago. If you want to find out more about local crafts, you can visit the Brikama Woodcarving Centre. A more modern, yet no less important attraction is Arch 22 at Banjul. It's the tallest building in The Gambia, giving incredible views of the coastline.

If you'd like to plan your Gambian holiday, you can book your holiday apartment as well as a personalized tour of the country's best attractions at - one of The Gambia's premier holiday companies.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Gambia's first fully-equipped shopping mall gets ready to open its doors

Retailers are snapping up spaces in The Gambia's first fully-equipped shopping mall, due to open its doors this month.

Taf Gambia has announced that the first phase of construction of Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall is complete, and the second and final phase will be completed in the next six months. The company's CEO, Mr Mustapha Njie, is Gambia's foremost entrepreneur. He has spearheaded the boom in the country's property market over the past twenty years.

Mr Mustapha Njie explained how proud he is of his latest development: "We've invested D30 million in this exciting project, and I'm pleased to announce that the first phase is now complete. The Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall will give customers more than just a shopping experience - there's a food court, a hairdressers, bank, art gallery, and entertainment for the whole family.

He continued; "This part of the coastline has seen a huge boost in tourism and development over the last few years. The opening of Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall is an exciting step forward, and is much-welcomed by the residents of the Brufut Estate and the surrounding areas."

The shopping mall sits in a prime spot and will attract customers from miles around including Brufut Heights and Brusubi. It is located within the luxurious Taf Brufut Gardens Estate, which currently has approximately four hundred resident families, with the five-star Sheraton Hotel opposite that welcomes tourists from all over the world.

Mr Njie explained why retailers have been so keen to get a space at the mall: "We structured the mall so that there was only one of each store specialty, for example one menswear outlet, one jewellers and one gift shop. This is a huge benefit to store tenants or owners who are guaranteed a thriving customer base. We expect store owners to see a capital appreciation of at least 7% per annum."

The next six months will be very exciting, not only for Taf Gambia but also for the whole area, which continues to see an increase in visitors, and an upturn in the property market.

The smiling coast of Africa is praised by leading tourism official

TafGambia Property announced a surge in enquiries from investors looking to buy property - in the same week that a leading official praised the country.

The Banjul Daily Observer recently reported that Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation extolled the virtues of The Gambia as a destination for tourists (

During his visit he described how tourism boosts a country's development, and noted how The Gambia was an excellent tourist destination due to a variety of factors including its location, scenery, weather and people.

Mr Mustapha Njie, CEO of Taf Gambia Property, was pleased by his remarks. He explained; "We welcome the comments of the secretary general of the UNWTO. We're not surprised how delighted he was with our country, as Taf Gambia Property has seen a massive increase in investors looking to buy a holiday home, particularly in the last year."

Mr Mustapha Njie is one of The Gambia's leading entrepreneurs and has won numerous awards for his achievements, including the European Commission Global Business Award for Excellence and Quality. His company Taf Gambia Property has been at the forefront of the property boom over the last twenty years. The company's most popular development is Brufut Gardens, a beautiful private sea view estate looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean. Here, on the 'smiling coast' of Africa, investors are seeing impressive annual returns on their properties.

The estate is just fifteen minutes from the airport, and only five minutes away from The Gambia's main tourism cluster, Senegambia.

Just some of Brufut Garden's attractions include:
·         an average capital appreciation of over 40%
·         returns on rentals of between 7 and 12%
·         landscaped terraces and sidewalks
·         a fully equipped gym and swimming pool
·         access to the five star Sheraton Hotel's facilities
·         Morden street lighting
·         air-conditioning
·         a fully-equipped kitchen in every home
·         24-hour security
·         a newly developed shopping mall

Mr Njie is extremely positive about the future of The Gambia; "We're thrilled about the surge in interest from investors and have no doubt that The Gambia has a bright future."