Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Gambian property market: get a piece of it while you can

The world's emerging property markets are fast becoming big news, and The Gambia is one of the most exciting property markets you could find. Over the past few years, it has enjoyed significant growth, due largely to The Gambia's stable government and economy as well as its vast number of attractions for visitors and ex-pats. 2012 is certain to bring continued success for property developments such as Brufut Gardens, a secure, private development with over five hundred homes.

About Brufut Gardens

Since the first phase of Brufut Gardens was completed in 2004 by Taf Holdings Ltd, its luxury properties have been snapped up by families, entrepreneurs, retirees and holidaymakers. It is now a thriving community covering 3,700,000 square metres, set alongside beautiful Brufut Heights beach. The development's low rise, attractive buildings have been carefully designed in a traditional style, with plenty of outdoor gardens, terraces and verandas, so that its residents can fully enjoy the sub-tropical Gambian climate.

We asked Mr Mustapha Njie, CEO of Taf Holdings Ltd, why 2012 is such an exciting year for Brufut Gardens.

"When we developed Brufut Gardens we gave residents modern, luxury accommodation with superb facilities, including tarmac roads, a regular electricity and water supply, street lighting and a weekly garbage collection. In 2012 residents will be able to enjoy a brand new, exclusive shopping mall. Its first phase is due to open in February, and we plan to complete it by the end of the year."

The Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall

This exclusive shopping mall has been designed to give residents more than just a shopping experience. Holding thirty four units and a terraced food court, this thirty million dollar complex will accommodate a variety of shops selling fashion, gifts, toys, electronics and household goods, together with several restaurants. As well as retail shops and an art gallery, the complex will hold a number of units that will be invaluable to the community. These include a bank, Forex bureau, pharmacy, estate agency, travel agency, hairdressers and dry cleaners.

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