Monday, 29 August 2011

As property markets in the UK and Ireland continue to stagnate, investors look to The Gambia for growth

Mustapha Njie, CEO of Taf Holdings Company Ltd, has hailed an increase in investors from overseas as a "triumph for the Gambian property market." Investors are snapping up property for sale in Gambia fast.

The Gambia, a small country on the Western coast of Africa, is a popular holiday destination. Just five hours from the UK, it offers almost constant sunshine, tropical beaches and a relaxing, peaceful environment. Tourists flock to Gambia from the UK, Ireland, America and Europe all year round and so there is a growing demand for rental properties. Gambia properties for sale are also in demand from people looking for a holiday home, setting up a business, or retiring to Gambia.

Investors have discovered that buying property in The Gambia makes sense. The country has a liberal, market led economy and a stable political system. Buying and selling properties in Gambia is fairly straightforward - this is because land and property laws are based on the British model, and so buying property in the Gambia is usually simpler than in many other countries. And, as property is still relatively cheap, investors are achieving high capital growth returns, year on year.

One of the leading real estate developers in The Gambia is Taf Gambian Property, part of Taf Holdings. The CEO, Mustapha Njie, explains; "We have seen a huge growth in demand for property. For many years we have been involved in 'housing the nation' by building affordable homes for the people of Gambia. At the same time, we want to attract overseas investors, and so we have developed Brufut Gardens, a large development overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and containing over five hundred modern apartments, houses and villas."

Property owners are already seeing excellent returns on their investments, yet property prices in The Gambia are still remarkably low. Mustapha Njie continues: "Property in The Gambia is affordable for everyone, whether they are a professional investor, a family looking for a holiday home, or a couple looking to retire. However, they are rising steadily - so now is the time to get on board."  

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