Monday, 29 August 2011

Top Gambian property spots: profile of Brufut Gardens, Gambia

If you're considering investing in property in Gambia, or if you're looking for Gambia property to rent, you may be wondering where to look first. The best place to buy or rent properties in Gambia is on the fifty mile stretch of coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean. You can't go wrong by starting with Brufut Gardens, a beautiful housing development overlooking the sandy Brufut beach and covering 3,700,000 square metres. Brufut Gardens is owned by Taf Holdings Company Ltd, led by one of Gambia's most successful businessmen Mr Mustapha Njie, who is passionate about the country and his people.

Location: Brufut Gardens occupies a choice position overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the most popular area for discerning tourists, just ten minutes from the airport and a five minute drive to Senegambia, a popular destination for Gambia holiday packages. Nearby is the five star Sheraton Hotel and an array of shops and restaurants. Brufut Gardens is quickly becoming a thriving community.

Properties: There are over five hundred properties for you to choose from, ranging from small apartments to bungalows, houses with pools and luxury villas with their own land. Properties are built to a modern standard, are usually unfurnished, and carefully landscaped with gardens and trees. Whether you're looking to buy or rent properties in Gambia, Brufut Gardens offers a great choice of properties of all sizes.

Facilities: This development benefits from a regular electricity and water supply, street lighting, and bituminised roads. Residents enjoy a street cleaning service, weekly garbage collection and security. This is a safe, peaceful and secure area. Future plans include a shopping mall that will open in 2012, together with restaurants, and other facilities such as playgrounds and a sports club with swimming pool and tennis courts.

Special offers: The property developer regularly announces special offers, such as cash back on purchases, and free holidays to Banjul. View the latest offers at . You'll also find a gallery of properties to buy or rent.

About the developer: The Brufut Gardens development started in 2003. The property developer is part of Taf Holding Company Ltd, a leading Gambian construction company. Taf Holdings was founded by Mr Mustapha Njie, one of Gambia's most renowned entrepreneurs. Mustapha Njie has been awarded a number of accolades over the years, including The Gambian Businessman of the Year for several years running. He is passionate about The Gambia, and is involved in a number of philanthropic projects. This includes donations to charities, scholarships for students and contributions towards the development of sports.

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