Monday, 30 January 2012

Can't afford the Caribbean? Discover the tropical paradise that won't break the bank...

We all deserve a good holiday. Especially these days, when we're working longer, for less. However, the Family Spending Report published at the end of last year by the Office of National Statistics confirmed that spending on leisure activities such as holidays has decreased. More and more of us are being forced to holiday closer to home, where sunshine is hard to find.

After all, if you're looking for somewhere with guaranteed sunshine, beautiful beaches, palm trees, and all that a tropical paradise can offer, you have to choose somewhere exotic and expensive; some far flung destination like the Caribbean, or the Maldives, right?

Wrong. There's a tropical paradise waiting for you, less than six hours flight from the UK, where you can enjoy an affordable yet luxurious holiday. Where is this increasingly popular tourist destination?  The Gambia, known as 'The Smiling Coast'. Here you'll find year-round sunshine, wide sandy beaches, stunning scenery and a warm welcome. Situated on the west coast of Africa, The Gambia is the ideal affordable tropical getaway.

Mustapha Njie, CEO of Taf Gambia Tours, a leading holiday company in The Gambia, has seen a huge increase in holidaymakers over the past few years; "The Gambia is considered to be one of the friendliest places on earth. We have a stable government, a low crime rate, and an excellent infrastructure. Tourists who visit us come back again and again as The Gambia is so easy to get to and very affordable."

Start planning your holiday in The Gambia
The Gambia offers something for everyone. No matter what your budget you can get a true taste of paradise. You don't have to stay at an expensive hotel - you can rent a holiday apartment or villa right near the beach. A good place to start is Brufut Gardens, a property development in The Gambia's most popular tourist resort. Visit to find out more.

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