Monday, 30 January 2012

Looking to rent property in The Gambia?

The Gambia: a tropical paradise less than six hours flight from the UK, with a booming tourist trade, a growing economy and a thriving property market. Thousands of travellers each year visit 'The Smiling Coast', whether it's on holiday, for work, to relocate, or even to retire, and many of them choose to rent their own accommodation. Renting in The Gambia is highly affordable and gives you the flexibility to explore this beautiful country.

Renting your holiday home in The Gambia
You can get a stunning apartment or villa in locations such as Brufut Gardens at excellent rates. Brufut Gardens is a self-contained, private community close to the beach and right next to Brufut Heights, one of The Gambia's most popular tourist destinations. Renting a property in Brufut Gardens means you can get a five star holiday without having to pay for an expensive hotel - you could even get your own pool! With plenty of outdoor gardens and tropical fruit trees, you'll be able to enjoy the glorious Gambian climate at your leisure.

Renting in The Gambia for work
If you're working in The Gambia, whether it's for a short or long term contract, you'll find a variety of properties to rent, from self-contained flats to large family homes. When choosing somewhere to rent, check the quality of the facilities, such as electricity, water, accessibility and security. The most prestigious development in The Gambia, Brufut Gardens, offers a wide variety of properties to rent. With modern, well-built homes, 24 hour security, tarmac laid streets, a good electricity and water supply, and regular rubbish collections, Brufut Gardens has everything you could need.

Relocating or retiring to The Gambia?
If you're looking to move to The Gambia permanently, consider renting a property before buying. This will give you the opportunity to explore the country, and choose where to settle. One of The Gambia's leading estate agents, TAF Gambia, offers properties both to rent and, when you're ready, to buy: visit

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