Friday, 30 March 2012

Property prices at Brufut Gardens set to rise with opening of brand new shopping mall

Brufut Gardens, an exclusive private estate in The Gambia, is a magnet for investors looking to take advantage of the country's thriving property market. Now, the development is set to generate even greater returns for its investors, due to the opening of a brand new shopping mall. The developers, Taf Gambian Property, part of Taf Holding Company Ltd, have reported that the response to the shopping mall has been overwhelmingly positive.

CEO Mr Mustapha Njie is extremely proud of the project: "We've taken great care to ensure that the new shopping mall gives residents and visitors everything they could want. It has been tastefully designed so that it fits in with the exclusive surroundings of Brufut Gardens, and we're positive that it will help property prices to rise even further."

Local residents are excited about the opening. Mr Njie explains: "The Brufut Gardens shopping mall means that residents have everything they could need nearby, whether they live here all year round or are visiting on holiday. The shopping mall contains a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as a bank, hairdressers, and even an art gallery. Retailers have been keen to get a spot in the shopping mall, and we've received excellent feedback from residents who have been waiting eagerly for it to open its doors."

Mr Mustapha Njie, one of The Gambia's leading entrepreneurs, has been the driving force behind Brufut Gardens and several other successful property developments throughout the country. His business was formed in 1990 and was initially involved only in construction, but soon diversified to include property development and tourism.

TafHolding Company Ltd now employs over five hundred Gambians, and has been involved in a variety of philanthropic projects. The company is dedicated to providing affordable homes for all Gambians, as well as encouraging investment from overseas. Mr Njie has received several awards and commendations, including the European Commission Global Business Award for Excellence and Quality. Mr Njie has also been named, three times, as The Gambia Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year.

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