Monday, 5 March 2012

The Gambia's first fully-equipped shopping mall gets ready to open its doors

Retailers are snapping up spaces in The Gambia's first fully-equipped shopping mall, due to open its doors this month.

Taf Gambia has announced that the first phase of construction of Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall is complete, and the second and final phase will be completed in the next six months. The company's CEO, Mr Mustapha Njie, is Gambia's foremost entrepreneur. He has spearheaded the boom in the country's property market over the past twenty years.

Mr Mustapha Njie explained how proud he is of his latest development: "We've invested D30 million in this exciting project, and I'm pleased to announce that the first phase is now complete. The Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall will give customers more than just a shopping experience - there's a food court, a hairdressers, bank, art gallery, and entertainment for the whole family.

He continued; "This part of the coastline has seen a huge boost in tourism and development over the last few years. The opening of Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall is an exciting step forward, and is much-welcomed by the residents of the Brufut Estate and the surrounding areas."

The shopping mall sits in a prime spot and will attract customers from miles around including Brufut Heights and Brusubi. It is located within the luxurious Taf Brufut Gardens Estate, which currently has approximately four hundred resident families, with the five-star Sheraton Hotel opposite that welcomes tourists from all over the world.

Mr Njie explained why retailers have been so keen to get a space at the mall: "We structured the mall so that there was only one of each store specialty, for example one menswear outlet, one jewellers and one gift shop. This is a huge benefit to store tenants or owners who are guaranteed a thriving customer base. We expect store owners to see a capital appreciation of at least 7% per annum."

The next six months will be very exciting, not only for Taf Gambia but also for the whole area, which continues to see an increase in visitors, and an upturn in the property market.

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  1. I cannot contest with that. He has everything set up well.