Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What to do in The Gambia: your guide to Africa's 'smiling coast'

The Gambia is an English-speaking country on the west coast of Africa, just six hours flight from the UK. This tropical paradise is known for its year round sunshine, sandy beaches and the warm welcome given to all its visitors.

Holidaymakers in The Gambia can choose from a huge array of attractions, including...

The Gambia's stunning beaches are just one of the reasons this country is known as 'the new Caribbean'. One of the most popular is Brufut beach, a golden stretch of coastline overlooked by the five star Sheraton Hotel and the luxury holiday homes at Brufut Gardens - The Gambia's most prestigious property development. Other popular beaches include Kotu beach and Cape Point.

National parks and nature reserves
The Gambia has many protected parks and nature reserves, dedicated to preserving areas of natural beauty together with its precious wildlife. They include The River Gambia National Park, a magical location made up of five forested islands, where you can see chimpanzees, baboons and crocodiles. Abuko Nature Reserve is a peaceful destination just 16 miles from Banjul and is particularly popular with birdwatchers. Kiang West National Park is one of Gambia's largest protected nature reserves, with a diverse array of wildlife. Others include the Tanji River Bird Reserve and Niumi National Park.

Markets and shopping destinations
There are plenty of places to indulge your love of shopping in The Gambia. Popular markets include Albert Market in Banjul, and Serrekunda Market, both of them lively and traditional African markets where you can pick up a bargain. You can also visit the newly opened Brufut Gardens Shopping Mall. Here you'll find an array of clothing, jeweler and gift shops, and a tempting choice of restaurants.

Culture and heritage
The Gambia has a rich and fascinating culture. One of the most popular places to visit in Gambia is Juffure Village, where you can follow a 'Roots Heritage Tour' and visit the nearby Slavery Museum. You can also visit historical attractions such as the Wassu Stone Circles, an ancient burial site dating from 1,200 years ago. If you want to find out more about local crafts, you can visit the Brikama Woodcarving Centre. A more modern, yet no less important attraction is Arch 22 at Banjul. It's the tallest building in The Gambia, giving incredible views of the coastline.

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